Square Vision Technologies is a professional web design and marketing company that designs and develops websites and mobile apps that look great, function well, and are poised for traffic. Our unique consulting approach paired with our diverse talent set allows our clients to maximize their internet potential. Trusted by businesses and organizations of all types and sizes, we've earned global recognition as the go-to partner in helping make online dreams a reality.

Experience As a company, we have delivered over 250 plus projects of varying size and complexity. We have gained extensive experience from dealing with all sorts of challenges in designing, building, testing and operation of those systems. When you come to us, you can rest assured that your mission critical project is in safe hands and will be delivered the way you want it. We can overcome the most challenging technical and human related issues.


Our Aim

To provide the right solutions to our clients and deliver it on time.

Our Relation

We listen, understand and act with responsibility and accountability.

Our Team

Leaders may change, but a clearly established Vision encourages people to focus on what's important and better understand organization-wide change and alignment of resources.


With years of experience in building business grade applications, we don't simply deliver your project, but we also guide and maintain your bespoke software solution.

Truly yours

Decide where and how your solution works. Don't let software throttle your workflow, let our solutions work with you and unlock the true potential of your business or idea.

Scalable & Affordable

With bespoke development, costs can mount, but we provide efficient, transparent and affordable development. You are in control of your solution no matter the size or scope.

Support & Guidance

Our work doesn't stop when your solution has been delivered. Continuous, comprehensive, support is offered through the lifetime of the application, through phone, email or face-to-face.

Collaborate with our team

Our team is bursting with ideas on how to solve complex issues completely overlooked by off-the-shelf software, collaborate with our developers and learn the true potential of bespoke applications.

Before it leaves us

We rigorously test each aspect of your application to ensure it doesn't buckle under heavy load, that way you can be sure software will no longer dictate your business.

Secure, at every step

Our applications are built with security being top priority. All data that passes through your application will be securely encrypted, keeping it from prying eyes or unauthorised access.

Our Extra Skills

compatible with different Environment.

Web Hosting


Domain Registration


Email Hosting


e-Commerce Applications


Why People like us?

Customer Satisfaction

The fastest way to improve is by listening and then acting on what your customers really want.

We deliver the software solution in minimum cost that customer can afford


We Produce a high Quality software requires thought,discipline,and the ability to adapt and improve processes.

To save you valuable time and money, we thoroughly analyze the scope of your project, considering all means and methods to ensure maximum productivity from concept to completion.